Countrywide Hydrogen originates renewable hydrogen projects to meet emission-free targets.

Green hydrogen is the fuel of the future.
And the future is now.

Our Model

With road transport accounting for 20% of Australia’s emissions, Countrywide Hydrogen is developing its projects under the banner of Hydrogen HyWays. A Hydrogen HyWay will be developed after assessing road transport data to identify where heavy vehicles are in greatest use linking regional Australia with ports and major cities. We will strategically select sites along these routes where a hydrogen production facility with a refuelling station will be located to give the road transport sector easy access to green hydrogen. Tasmania will deliver Hydrogen Hyway #1 providing refuelling from the north to the south of the state; it will be a showcase for what is possible on mainland Australia and overseas.

Emerge, Renew, Transform.

About Us

Emerge, Renew, Transform.

Countrywide Hydrogen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASX-listed ReNu Energy Limited (ASX:RNE), an Australian company investing in renewable and clean energy companies.

Founded in 2015, we are a leader in the origination of renewable hydrogen projects to help the world meet its zero emission targets.

We coordinate the development of projects in collaboration with partners who bring expertise in engineering, modelling, technology, environmental impact, grant funding, legal and finance.

With pipeline projects located in Australia and in North America, our vision is to pursue renewable energy opportunities where clean energy contributes to sustaining economies, eliminating emissions, and delivering growth opportunities.

All of our projects are based on our foundation pillar methodology, requiring:

A guarantee of origin renewable energy, targeting high-capacity availability at an acceptable price

Hydrogen or hydrogen derivative offtakes

Access to clean water

Land available near a deep-water port for large-scale projects with supporting infrastructure

Positive regulatory and approvals environment

Availability of project-based Government funding

Our history.

Countrywide Hydrogen (formerly Countrywide Renewable Energy) was founded in 2015 by passionate clean energy specialists Geoffrey and Inge Drucker, with a vision to become a leader in renewable energy generation and production.

Determined to make a contribution to a better world, the dynamic husband and wife duo’s first project was the 27MW Wangaratta Solar Farm.

The release of Dr Alan Finkel’s seminal paper Hydrogen for Australia’s Future in 2018 identified the market potential of hydrogen, heralding a new name and strategic direction for the company. Now Countrywide Hydrogen, the company’s sole focus became the origination and development of new hydrogen facilities to help meet emissions reduction targets.

Today, Countrywide Hydrogen has five renewable hydrogen projects underway – three in Tasmania and two in Victoria – with a pipeline of new projects both locally and offshore.

In 2022, Countrywide Hydrogen merged with ASX-listed ReNu Energy Limited (ASX:RNE), a company that invests in renewable and clean energy technologies. The merger provided Countrywide access to industry leading collaborators to expedite its project pipeline and access to capital markets to fund its hydrogen projects.

As the world’s transition away from diesel and other carbon fuels accelerates, hydrogen will emerge as the fuel of the future.

Working with Governments, partners, suppliers and OEMs to develop opportunities for renewable hydrogen to significantly reduce emissions, Countrywide Hydrogen is well placed to make a major contribution as a green hydrogen producer and supplier with long-term projects.

The Way We Do Business

At Countrywide Hydrogen, we energetically pursue excellence in all that we do.

And we firmly believe that we should make a meaningful contribution to the environment and the communities that we work with and within.

In all our business operations, and in every interaction, we act with transparency, honesty, clear communication, and collaborative decision making.

We call this The Countrywide Hydrogen Way. It ensures all our stakeholders know and understand the values and principles that underpin the way we go about our business.

We collaborate.

Key decisions are made consultatively, and we welcome questions, ideas, and challenges. We value true partnerships based on mutual respect and trust.

We communicate.

Nothing is a surprise. We speak truthfully, openly, and directly, and most importantly, we listen. We act with integrity and maintain a high level of professionalism in all our dealings with partners, communities, network and our team.

We focus on results.

We work together to achieve the best outcome. We energetically pursue excellence through quality and make sure that when we’re done, we measure our impact.

We are constantly growing and learning.

In everything we do, we get better every time. This is because we ask for feedback and take that on board.

Our Partners

We work closely with collaborators that further build on our Board and management team's proven track record in renewable energy research and development. In 2022, we brought on partners in engineering and financial advisory to complement our offer and bring our vision to life.

Partner logo Wood plc

Wood PLC

Global engineering firm, Wood PLC, is committed to finding solutions to the world’s most critical challenges in energy and the built environment, and is passionate about helping achieve a successful transition to clean energy and renewables.

With their deep experience in the hydrogen industry, we engaged Wood to provide ongoing general advice on our projects and on the broader hydrogen space. When required, under a supplementary agreement, Wood provides detailed engineering consultancy to support specific projects.

Partner logo Societe Generale

Societe Generale

Societe Generale is one of Europe’s leading financial services groups and a founding member of a climate-aligned finance framework. We appointed Societe Generale as sole financial advisor for our Australian hydrogen projects. With a strong history of achievements in hydrogen projects, especially in Europe, Societe Generale is working with our Board and management to propel the Australian hydrogen projects to financial close.

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